Cervia: the origin of the name

Cervia: the origin of the name

April 7, 2022

It is said that when the city was entirely surrounded by woods and forests, one of the main visitors of these green spaces was the bishop of Lodi and one day, while the man was walking in the pine forest, a deer , recognizing him as an official of God, he knelt in front of him as a sign of devotion.

From that day it was natural to call the city Cervia, not only to remember the extraordinary event, but also considering that in our pine forests the deer were particularly numerous.

A later version, on the other hand, tells us that the name of the city was probably due to the presence in Cervia of the " Acervi ", the huge piles of salt deposited on the edge of the salt pan after each harvest.

In any case, the first version seems to convince the people of Cervia more , so much so that the coat of arms of the city represents a golden deer kneeling on green ground.


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